SOLD OUT Embryo: Bundaleer Esmeralda E12 x Bottlesford Kudos KPN K18 (daughter pictured)

  • Bundaleer Esmeralda JOS E12¬†(click to view pedigree) produced multiple high quality progeny as seen in the gallery and was in our export donor program along with her daughter Wallawong Esmeralda M51 (pictured).
  • JOS E12 is by Monterey Gotcha and offers an outcross pedigree and different family line.
  • The original Esmeralda family came from the purchase of Highwood Esmeralda 2141 who went on to have 11 calves at Wallawong. The Bundaleer Esmeraldas go back to The Glen Esmeralda cow family.
  • There are 5 current Wallawong Esmeraldas in the herd along with 4 Esmeraldas coming from the Bundaleer purchase.
  • Current outstanding members of the Esmeralda family include Wallawong Esmeralda LEJ B22 who produced outstanding sale bulls and heifers, semen sire Wallawong X Factor and is now in our donor cow flush program.
  • Additionally¬†Bundaleer Esmeralda JOS A32 produced Wallawong Xyris among her 9 calves.

Whichever side of the family Esmeralda come from, they have proved valuable!

Embryos are A-grade and by high quality proven sire Bottlesford Kudos KPN K18 

Embryos stored at Hawkeye Breeders Iowa and available for immediate shipping


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