SOLD OUT Embryo: Wallawong Gale F4 x Bottlesford Kudos KPN K18 (daughter pictured)

  • LEJ F4 Wallawong Gale F4 (click to view pedigree) is a silver Starbright S117 cow straight from the top shelf. Gale F4 shows refinement through the shoulders, a very good udder and temperament while being in the top 1% for EMA EBV.
  • Gale F4 produced our top priced heifer in 2015: Wallawong Gale LEJ K63 (pictured) and several sale bulls including LEJ P4 shown in gallery.
  • A high quality donor that is a proven breeder of exceptional offspring.
  • The original Gale cow was Cratloe Gale M22 CIB M22 purchased in 1999 specifically to join with Glenliam Farm Rammer.
  • This result was achieved with the excellent breeder, Wallawong Gale 2nd LEJ X12 (picture in gallery) being produced. LEJ X12 is the mother of LEJ F4 Wallawong Gale F4.
  • There are multiple Gale females currently retained in the herd including international embryo donors LEJ M57 and LEJ F4

Embryos are A-grade and by high quality proven sire Bottlesford Kudos KPN K18 

Embryos are stored at Hawkeye Breeders Iowa and available for immediate shipping.


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