Wallawong’s Consistent Carcase Performance and Sydney Royal Results

March 30, 2016
Murray Grey Steer Reserve Champion Middleweight Carcase. 91pts. Sydney Royal 2016

Reserve Champion Middleweight Carcase. 91pts. Sydney Royal 2016 Exhibited by Wallawong Murray Greys and Heath Birchall

Wallawong Murray Greys further enhanced their carcase quality reputation by being awarded the Reserve Middleweight Champion Carcase at the recent 2016 Sydney Royal Easter Show. The steer, bred by Health Birchall, Duri and exhibited by Wallawong spearheaded a team of 10 steers that were awarded an amazing 23 ribbons including a Gold medal, 4 Silver medals and 3 Bronze medals for Carcase Quality from the RAS.

The Reserve Middleweight Champion Carcase was produced from a steer weighing 462kg, and had been fed for 100 days on a home mixed barley ration. He placed fifth in his steer class and scored an incredible 91 points as a carcase, winning the class and receiving a Gold Medal for Carcase Quality from the RAS. He was also a member of the winning Stan Hill Trophy team of three carcases.
‘It was the combination of excellent finishing ability, marbling, and industry leading muscularity that gave the carcase an advantage over the other entrants’ said Lachlan. Semen in his sire Eddison is available from Wallawong.

Other impressive carcase results from the Wallawong team include a 429kg steer by Wallawong Uncovered bred by David Schouten, Gravesend who won Carcase Class 7 with 87 points and received a Bronze medal for Carcase Quaity. A second steer from Mr Schouten by Wallawong Waterboy placed second in Lightweight Carcase Class 5 and was also awarded a Bronze Medal.

In Steer and Carcase class 13, Wallawong Murray Greys prepared three entries. From 37 entries in the class our three heavyweight carcases placed second, fourth and fifth achieving 89.5pts, 88.5pts, and 87.5pts respectively and all receiving Silver Medals from the RAS for Carcase Quality. These three carcases also came second overall in the prestigious Breeders’ Group of Three competition.

Another consistent performer at Sydney Royal, Groveleigh Partnership of Loomberah bred two steers by Wallawong Ripsnorter that both finished third in Carcase Classes 5 and 7, with the 86pt middleweight receiving a Silver Medal for Carcase Quality from the RAS.

Several Wallawong steers were purchased by Eastern Road Quality Meats, Turramurra, who have been a satisfied purchaser of Wallawong steers for many years.
All the steers were selected for the Sydney Royal team by Lachlan back in November and December 2015 and fed for 100 days on a home mixed ration including Olsson’s Beef Mix. They also consumed Olsson’s Cattle Tranz electrolyte prior to leaving and at the show in order to minimize weight loss due to traveling and handling.

“I knew we had some pretty special steers when we picked them out because of their muscle pattern, breeding, efficiency and softness.
“It’s great for all the hard work to pay off and to see what you are really producing with steer and carcase results like these. Congratulations to all the breeders.”

All together ten Murray Grey steers from North West producers were shown in the Wallawong Murray Grey team collecting a bounty of ribbons including Reserve Champion Middleweight Carcase, two firsts, three seconds, three thirds, two fourths, two fifths, and two sixths in classes up to 37 entries. They received one Gold Medal, four Silver and three Bronze Medals for Carcase Quality from the RAS. Murray Greys also won the prestigious Stan Hill trophy for the highest scoring team of three carcases.