• The Antoinette Murray Grey cow family came from the Bundaleer purchase where two daughters of one Rogialyn cow going back to Glenliam Farm/Orcadia Park Antoinette were selected. These were:
  • Bundaleer Antoinette JOS H48 (pictured) who is currently in our embryo donor flush program and
  • Bundaleer Antoinette JOS B13
  • Wallawong Antoinette LEJ K52 is now in the herd, a daughter of Bundaleer Antoinette JOS H48 by Wallawong Vinnie Roe LEJ G35.

Bundaleer Antoinette JOS H48 (pictured) is in the export ET centre flushing from July-September 2019. Please get in touch if you are interested in ordering embryos from her.