Wallawong Murray Greys champion unled carcase, Wingham

May 20, 2015

Wallawong genetics scored another big win with the Champion Unled Carcase at Wingham Beef Week in May. The carcase was exhibited by Wallawong Murray Greys and David Schouten ‘Calala’ Gravesend and was sired by Wallawong Uncovered, a bull that was purchased by Mr Schouten in 2012.

Wingham champion unled carcase

Champion Unled Carcase Eye Muscle Area

The purebred Murray Grey steer was 580 kg full live-weight, and produced a 316 kg carcase weight. The carcase scored full points for fat specifications with 15 mm on the rump and 11 mm fat on the rib along with an excellent 100 cm² Eye Muscle Area, Marble score of two, and four out of five points for fat distribution.

The carcase scored 90.32 points to be awarded the Champion Unled Carcase, Reserve Champion Overall Carcase and Jackpot winner. It’s another great result that really shows the consistency of Wallawong Murray Grey genetics and quality of beef that clients are producing.

Three Murray Grey crossbred steers entered by Robin and Kyle Thomas also scored highly, winning 2nd and Reserve Champion Carcase on 90.264 points, 3rd place with 86.379 and 4th place 83.972 in big classes of 25. Both the 3rd and 4th place carcases were grandsons of Wallawong Ripsnorter.

A 416 kg steer by Wallawong Target and bred by Heath Birchall, Duri, also placed second in the middle domestic steer class and had a 99 cm² EMA.

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