Bottlesford Kudos KPN K18 – $75

Kudos is an outstanding Silver Angus Murray Grey sire by Eylwarra Sands Falcon that we purchased in February 2016 after inspecting bulls in Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia.

Actual weights and scan information taken at 19mths (23.11.2015), was 712kg, had 115cm2 EMA, fats 6mm/5mm, 4.0% IMF, frame score 6.0, scrotal size 40cm. His actual birthweight was 38kg.

He is pictured left at 5yrs old and below when we bought him at 18 months and at 28 months of age. Kudos is a quiet, easy to handle bull of excellent temperament. Mature size 1100kg and frame score 6.

Kudos is a half brother to Tullibardine Jeopardy and is highly recommended being of moderate Birthweight EBV with growth EBVs in the top 5-10%.

There is no more Kudos semen available for export, only what is in the USA now. All Kudos semen has sold out in Australia. With less than 30 straws left in USA, get in quick!

View hisĀ Pedigree and BreedPlan information here.

Kudos has embryo and AI calves around the world, he is in demand and the only remaining semen is in USA. The last semen in Australia sold for $150/straw


Only 31 left in stock